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Fast Dial b1 2.23

Access your favorite websites via thumbnails

Why use text bookmarks when you can access your most frequently visited websites though much more appealing thumbnails? View full description


  • Highly customizable
  • Eye-catching design
  • A handy way to access websites


  • Some instability issues

Very good

Why use text bookmarks when you can access your most frequently visited websites though much more appealing thumbnails?

Fast Dial is a Firefox add-on that creates a local webpage with thumbnails of your favorite websites. You can then set this site as your homepage and have these selected links always at sight every time you launch the browser.

The best about Fast Dial is undoubtedly its degree of customization. You can personalize just about any detail, from the number of sites displayed on the page to the colors shown for thumbnails, including also their size and even assigning a keyboard shortcut for each one of them. The Fast Dial thumbnail gallery opens with a button on the browser's toolbar, so you can use it as an alternative to your traditional starting page.

On the downside, the truth is that Fast Dial sometimes is a bit unstable, meaning it may unexpectedly change the thumbnail layout or even erase some of them. Hopefully these flaws will be fixed in future versions.

With Fast Dial you can create a nice customizable thumbnail gallery with links to your favorite websites


  • Themes are sorted alphabetically.
  • Drag-n-drop works faster.
  • Added option to hide Back links into Preferences > General.
  • Removed search plugin completely.
  • Added Preview feature (was called Zoom in older versions). Check Preview checkbox in thumbnail Properties dialog, then left-click and hold on a thumbnail to see preview.
  • General preferences combined into a single page.
  • Left clicking on an empty box opens Properties dialog instead of a context menu.
  • Technical: removed usage of eval() function.
  • Clock image changed back to animated throbber image.
Fast Dial


Fast Dial b1 2.23

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